Keep The Tempo: XM eDrum Tempo Series Kits


Keep The Tempo: XM eDrum Tempo Series Kits

Play the XM eDrum Tempo Series kit and you’ll learn to keep perfect time when drumming to your favourite songs or jamming with your band.XM eDrum’s most popular digital drum kit looks awesome, feels like a real acoustic kit when you’re playing, and it sounds great.Choose between 8 cool eDrum shell colours, gold or black eCymbals, get a real eHi-hat stand, large eDrum shell sizes, and a better eBass drum design than competition in the same class.

The Tempo Series is very hard to beat – except with your beater!

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5 easy steps to convert an acoustic drum to an electronic drum


Are you still bothered about any neighbors’ complaints on noise caused while practicing on your traditional kit? XM Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skin gives you total solution!

XM eDrum AH-9S Evolution Meshhead Drum Skin

Components of XM AH-9S Evolution Meshhead Drum Skin and steps to convert traditional drum set to professional digital drum kit.

A great way to replace your acoustic drumheads with XM innovative Evolution Mesh Head Drum Skins and exchange your acoustic set into electronic drum kit in merely 30 minutes, an efficient way to lower drumming sound and save your spending on another digital kit at the same time.

demo video of AH-9S evolution mesh drum head skin

You will learn how to convert acoustic drum to electronic drum and backward from this video instruction.

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The Virtues of Practising with an XML Learning Machine


Possessing a XM Edrum Learning Machine is just like being tutored by a drumming master at home, there are several advantages as below:

  1. The ultimate percussion tutor for aspiring drummers who wish to practice drumming on their own.
  2. The machine objectively scores your drumming after each lesson, helping you to discover any mistakes you’ve made, so you can eventually become a precision player.
  3. There are over 83 thousand possible variations and combinations of drumming notation for you to practice.
  4. This device was developed with the idea of teaching all levels of drumming.
  5. User-friendly graphic interface for easy operation.
  6. The machine doubles as a professional quality metronome.
  7. It can be used in conjunction with any brand’s Edrum module if necessary. (not 100% match

You can find XML Learning Machine instruction video on, search “XML” for more information.

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XML mesh pad

Mesh pad gives you more realistic bounce; you can also connect XML to XM Snare Drum or Bass Drum for practice

XML with sound engine

Connected with sound module makes it feasible to practice on drums or cymbals individually

The Necessity for Professional eDrum speakers


Speaker is the key to determine whether eDrum sounds good or bad. An eDrum speaker system is different from what other electronic musical instruments used because cymbals produce high frequencies while kick drums produce low and thick sounds, two distinctive sounds can’t be perfectly presented if not using eDrum speakers. Moreover, inappropriate speakers can’t possibly work well with high-end eDrum kits and since speakers play such an important role in the field of digital drums, the selection of speakers does matter!

XMP8 Foldback Speaker Introduction

  1. Drum mono input (DRUMS): You can individually adjust drum volume, high frequency, or left and right channels.
  2. Two mono inputs (LINE IN): you can plug in electric guitar, keyboard …, etc. and adjust volume, high or low frequency, or left and right channels
  3. Two mono outputs (LINE OUT): you can trigger other speakers simultaneously via cables connected; to mixer or recording device is another option.
  4. Built-in amplifiers are applicable in small concert, church worship, conference…, etc.
  5. XMP8 Foldback Speaker with 100W output power is suitable for events up to 50 people
  6. XMP12 Foldback Speaker with 150W output power is suitable for events up to 80 people
  7. It can also be used as a PA monitor speakers or general electronic musical instrument speakers
  8. 115V and 230V power supply can be used in any countries
  9. Adjust angles at ease or fix the speaker on standard sized stand
  10. Compact and with good quality full-range sounds, produce strong low-frequency and clear high-frequency sounds.

XM P12 Foldback Speaker with 150W which is suitable for events up to 80 people.

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XM eDrum Wins 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award


This award is scored based on these five aspects: Research, Design, Quality, Marketing and Made in Taiwan, we’re so honored to be chosen by the jury and announced to be one of 2013 Taiwan Excellence Award winners.



By XM eDrum

XM eDrum New Arrivals: Gold and Silver eCymbals


XM demonstrates excellent design ability and brings the edrummer whole new visual experience on 11″ and 13″ eCymbals. With our newly launched golden and silver cymbals, they will definitely make you an eye-catcher on gigs, open jams or event performance, also well suited with XM eDrum kits, such as J-8SR Groove Series eDrum Kit in metal silver and Master Series C-MAX-9SR eDrum Kit in light brown or natural timber.



By XM eDrum

XM Customized Natural Wood Drum kit


Our natural wood drum kit is using real wood veneer covered with lacquer and adhesive, then glue the wood grain sheet over the drum shell firmly. It makes the high quality look and truly a unique kit that should be added to your wish list. Now it’s time to choose your Classy Series C-PLUS-9SR eDrum kit in natural wood!



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