The Necessity for Professional eDrum speakers

Speaker is the key to determine whether eDrum sounds good or bad. An eDrum speaker system is different from what other electronic musical instruments used because cymbals produce high frequencies while kick drums produce low and thick sounds, two distinctive sounds can’t be perfectly presented if not using eDrum speakers. Moreover, inappropriate speakers can’t possibly work well with high-end eDrum kits and since speakers play such an important role in the field of digital drums, the selection of speakers does matter!

XMP8 Foldback Speaker Introduction

  1. Drum mono input (DRUMS): You can individually adjust drum volume, high frequency, or left and right channels.
  2. Two mono inputs (LINE IN): you can plug in electric guitar, keyboard …, etc. and adjust volume, high or low frequency, or left and right channels
  3. Two mono outputs (LINE OUT): you can trigger other speakers simultaneously via cables connected; to mixer or recording device is another option.
  4. Built-in amplifiers are applicable in small concert, church worship, conference…, etc.
  5. XMP8 Foldback Speaker with 100W output power is suitable for events up to 50 people
  6. XMP12 Foldback Speaker with 150W output power is suitable for events up to 80 people
  7. It can also be used as a PA monitor speakers or general electronic musical instrument speakers
  8. 115V and 230V power supply can be used in any countries
  9. Adjust angles at ease or fix the speaker on standard sized stand
  10. Compact and with good quality full-range sounds, produce strong low-frequency and clear high-frequency sounds.

XM P12 Foldback Speaker with 150W which is suitable for events up to 80 people.

By XM eDrum

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